Square Dash Up


Prepare for an exciting adventure with a cute square in Square Dash Up. Guide the square to jump on as many platforms as possible and evade circles and spikes.

Are you ready for a wonderful adventure with a square? Help a cute square to jump on as many platforms as possible to gain the highest possible score. Be careful with aggressive circles as they are your enemies. You must dodge them or jump on their heads to take them down. You will gain one star if you eliminate a circle. Besides, there are many spike traps on the platforms. Jumping on them will lead to the end of the adventure. Therefore, you also need to evade them. Try to survive as long as possible and collect as many stars as you can

How to control: Press A or S keys to jump.

Characters in Square Dash Up

There are various characters with cool appearances like animals in this game. They are sold at different prices. accumulate as many stars as possible and use them to buy your favorite characters. Come on! Try this game now and have fun. If you are crazy about this game, take a look at Geometry Dash, Moving Up, Crane it up, and Go Up Dash.

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