Splitty Adventures

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About Splitty Adventures


Let's help a little Splitty gather the Sacred Fire in Splitty Adventures. Divide the Splitty into many pieces to reach the Sacred Fire and avoid Evil Pumpkins.

Play the game now to protect the universe from the Evil Pumpkins. Your objective is to collect the sacred fire. To do that, you must split the Splitty into many pieces at the correct time to make them reach the fire. Be careful with the Evil Pumpkins. It will consume the pieces of the Splitty. Therefore, you had better evade it at all costs. Do your best to complete the level in the shortest time. Like Geometry Dash, this game also has many challenging levels. Specifically, you are required to accomplish 15 levels. Good luck! If you are keen on this game, check out other awesome games which are Crowd Lumberjack and City Blocks on our website.

How to control

Press the Spacebar or the mouse to divide.