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About Splashy


Splashy is an endless game featuring nice 3D visuals. Control the ball to jump from one platform to another one and collect as many yellow gems as possible.

This game is played by maneuvering the ball to jump from one circle platform to another. Watch out! These platforms are full of spikes. If the ball is in contact with them, the game is over. You must avoid them at all costs and earn many points. Note that your score is proportional to the number of platforms that you can go through. Do your best to survive as long as possible and get the highest possible score. In addition, you also need to collect yellow gems which are scattered on the platforms. Gather as many gems as possible to get extra points.

Featuring engaging gameplay and stunning 3D visuals, this game will attract players of all ages. Don't hesitate! Click the play button to play the game now. If you like this game, check out Geometry Dash and Crazy Rushing Ball on our website. They are also exciting games that will hook you in for hours to play.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the ball