Spider Man: Masked Missions


Complete different missions with a spiderman in Spider Man: Masked Missions. Take control of the hero to evade the bombs and collect as many stars as possible.

If you are a big fan of Marvel, this game is designed for you. In this game, you will be able to become a spiderman named Miles or spiderwoman named Gwen. Choose your favourite character to play the game. You are assigned two importance. The first mission takes place on the trains. You have to jump from one train to another to collect stars and clocks. All the trains are moving, so you need to be careful. Try not to fall out of the trains if you don’t want to lose soon. Be careful with the bombs. They will explode as soon as you touch them. Try to evade them at all costs. The second mission is to jump from one wall to another one to gather the stars and clocks. In this mission, you also need to dodge the bombs. If you see any health box, collect it to increase your blood. Do your best to survive as long as possible and gain the highest possible score.

Play this game now and participate in exciting adventures with spiderman. If you like this game, what about playing Geometry Dash to get more adventures?

How to control

  • Press ARROW KEYS to move
  • Hold the Spacebar and then released it to jump
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