Speed Pool King


Join Speed Pool King and show us your billiards skills. Attempt to aim accurately and pot as many balls as possible before the time runs out.

If you are a big fan of pool games like 9 Ball Pool Games, don’t miss this game. The playing rule of this game is super simple. In this game, you have to use the cue stick to shoot the cue ball. This cue ball must touch other balls and make them fall into four holes on the table. Note that the allotted time of a match is 2 minutes. Try to pot as many balls as possible to get the highest possible score before time's up. Besides, if you can make consecutive pots, you will gain bonus time and points.

Play this game now and show off your pool skills. Developed by Happylander Ltd, this game is suitable for players of all ages. If you enjoy this game, you should give an entry in Geometry Dash which is also an excellent adventure game.

How to control

  • Hold the left mouse button to aim
  • Release the left mouse button to shoot
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