Snowboard Kings 2022

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About Snowboard Kings 2022


Participate in a worldwide famous snowboard competition in Snowboard Kings 2022. Control a snowboarder to evade all dangerous obstacles along the way.

It's an opportunity to show off your snowboard skills. Join the game now and have fun. In this game, you will transform into a snowboarder whose objective is to reach the finish line in the shortest time. Be careful! The snowy hill is full of dangerous obstacles. You must move left or right to evade them. Boost the speed to cross the finish line as soon as possible. Don't forget to collect as many coins as possible and use them to upgrade your carving skills, speed, and stability.

Like Geometry Dash, this game also has many levels. Specifically, there are 30 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Do your best to complete all of them and prove that you are the greatest snowboard king.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move

Press the Spacebar to increase your speed