Snake Game


Welcome to Snake Game which is a stunning multiplayer arcade game. Control the snake to move around and consume as many apples as possible to grow longer.

Are you ready for the hunt for food with a little snake? Take control of the snake to move around the arena and eat as many apples as possible. The more apples your snake can eat, the longer it is. Do your best to become the longest snake in the arena. In the arena, three are three things you have to evade. They are other snakes, green potion bottles, and bombs. If you hit other snakes, you will die. The bomb will make your snake explode and the green potion bottle will reduce the length of the snake. Therefore, you must dodge them at all costs.

Play this game now and try to get the first rank on the leaderboard. If you are interested in this game, you should try Worms Zone A Slithery Snake, Snake Blocks and Numbers, Santa Snake, and Geometry Dash on our website.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to control the snake.

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