Slope Game


Slope game that allows you to put your reflection skills to the test, requiring quick hands and eyes. This fun game is suitable for all ages thanks to its simple gameplay.

The gameplay in the slope game is simple, but the challenges are not. You control an auto-running ball in a large 3D space map in this game. Because this is a physical game, you must carefully control the ball.

The complex terrain will present a challenge for you in this game. You'll have to race on extremely narrow roads, with only a minor error causing the ball to fall into the abyss. Additionally, there are red blocks that are your "enemy." You lose immediately if you hit them.

Slope Tips and Tricks:

  • To get the best score and place first on the leaderboard, try to run as far as possible.
  • Consider the terrain when determining the best location for you.
  • This game can be played in full-screen mode.
  • On your journey, stay away from red blocks.

How to play

Control your ball with the arrow keys, avoid the red block and the deep.

  • LEFT ARROW = Move Left
  • RIGHT ARROW = Move Right
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