Short Ride


Go through a treacherous track full of dangers lurking in Short Ride. You will help the character control the vehicle to overcome obstacles on the road.

Crazy game is giving you real break hours. You can choose the vehicle you want to join the fun. On the way, there will be different obstacles, and they can be stairs, wooden crates, or cans. In addition, countless other things can threaten your life, such as sharp knives and spinning tops full of thorns. Driving at high speed to be able to overcome the high slope, or you will slide down and lose control. Faced with dangerous traps, drive slowly and concentrate on the road. The moving traps require you to be skillful to get through. Good luck.

Challenges in Short Ride

  • In the game, barriers are divided into two types, including dynamic and static. Dynamic obstacles often create more difficulties for you because if you are not careful, you can lose your life anytime. Press the Basics button to select the type of obstacle.
  • The Danger button lets you know what dangers are waiting for you. They can be saws, cutters, gas canisters, bombs, etc. Therefore, you can anticipate the possibility of encountering these dangers.
  • Moreover, some objects that you will see along the way can create a bit of difficulty. However, you will get a high score when you pass them, which can help you accumulate more points.
  • Finally, each vehicle has pros and cons, so you can choose a suitable one to complete the track. There are four vehicles for you to choose from bicycles, supermarket trolleys, 1-wheel scooters, and 2-wheel scooters.

How to play

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Space bar to act.
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