Run Race 3

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About Run Race 3


Participate in running races in Run Race 3D. Take control of the runner to stop to avoid obstacles or run to the finish line in the shortest time.

Play this game now to join thrilling running races. In the race, you have to control the character to run as fast as possible to cross the finish line. The racetrack is full of giant obstacles. If you crash into them, you will fall and lose. Therefore, whenever you want to overcome an obstacle, you should stop first to find a way to dodge it. Do your best to reach the finish line safely to step up to the next race.

With nice 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, this game will impress you on the first try. If you find it exciting, invite your friends to play with you. Besides, our website presents Geometry Dash, Among Stacky Runner, Among Run, Relic Runway, and Bus And Subway Endless Runner which are interesting games on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to run or stop.