Rule Your City

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About Rule Your City


Protect the peace of a western city in Rule Your City. Shoot down all bad guys in the city and complete all eight challenging levels in the game.

Join the game to become a western cowboy whose mission is to save your city from the bad guys. Use your gun to shoot down all of them. Watch out for their bullets! You should run as fast as possible and hide behind walls to evade their attacks. When all bad guys are eliminated, the level is completed.

There are 8 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more enemies you have to kill. Attempt to complete all levels and become the greatest gunner. If you are keen on this game, don't forget to check out other exciting games such as Geometry Dash, Heli Battle, Brawl Warfire Online, and on our website.

How to control

Press an L key to lock the screen

Press ARROW KEYS to move

Press a SPACEBAR to jump

Press a SHIFT to sprint

Press an ALT key to crouch

Press a left mouse to shoot

Press a O or E key to change the gun