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About Rubek


Rubek is a colour-based puzzle game with a basic design. Roll a cube to pick up and match the correct colours on the floor as you make your way to the endpoint.
The path you walk is divided into squares of various colours, some of which have a small plus symbol in the centre. When you roll onto a coloured square with a plus, the side of your cube that lands on that square changes color. This is where the game becomes difficult. Any side of your cube can roll across a dark grey square, however, if you try to roll across a coloured tile along the way, the side of your cube that touches the square must be the same color as the square. Color matching while accounting for where the six sides of your cube will rest becomes difficult quickly.

The number of movements required to complete the puzzle determines your score. Each level ends with a star rating based on how many moves it took you to complete it. Rubek includes around 75 levels in total, with new mechanisms added as you continue, such as trigger blocks that change the puzzle's map when you roll over them, keeping the game fresh as you progress.


  • Puzzles that stretch the mind
  • Elegant minimalist design
  • Over 70 handcrafted levels
  • Integration of Game Center leaderboards Option for colour blindness

How To Play:

Use Arrow keys or WADS keys to move the cube Can Also be moved using click and drag