Royal Heroes


Royal Heroes are living in the cursed kingdom. The land is afflicted by black magic and evil creatures born of the night. Let's build a mighty kingdom.

The land is plagued by black magic and evil creatures born of the night. In Royal Heroes, you must assemble an army of heroes and weapons to fight and destroy the armies of monsters that plague your kingdom. The kingdom was great once upon a time. Can you restore its glory? This is a strategy, warfare, conquest, and magic game set in a fantasy kingdom under threat from armies of invading monsters. Begin by recruiting knights, archers, and mages from the local tavern, then use your tactical abilities to arrange how your troops will line up for battle.

As you beat hordes of goblins and other terrible adversaries, your troops collect experience and resources, which you can use to hire new soldiers, enhance their equipment, and upgrade their talents. You may also use blueprints obtained in combat to mix seized materials to create new gear to kill your foes with! As you continue through the game, you will be rewarded with additional army kinds to command (as well as more different foes to kill!) and will be able to earn badges that demonstrate your fighting expertise.

Royal Heroes is a stunning game with visuals reminiscent of the old Warcraft series, and it requires a strong command of strategic resource management and field tactics to progress and win the game. So put on your spurs, practice your spells, and serve your king and nation by giving those goblins hell. Charge!

Gameplay features:

  • It's a fantasy game.
  • Game of strategy.
  • Awesome heroes and upgrades.
  • The gameplay is simple and intuitive.
  • HTML5- powered games.

How to play:

Left mouse button.

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