Rocket Pants Runner 3D


Rocket Pants Runner 3D is an entertaining online game. Put on your running pants and run, jump, swerve, drive around, dodge, and dash the obstacles in your path.

A young man Tom enjoys mechanics. He was able to construct a rocket engine into regular trousers one day. Today, our hero decided to put them to the test. In the game Rocket Pants Runner 3D, you will assist him in this. Your character will be rushing through the city streets in front of you on the screen. It will gradually gain speed. Take a close look at the road. It will be riddled with obstacles. You may make the hero go around all sides by using the control keys. A rocket engine will be required to provide additional acceleration or to perform a sharp maneuver. You will also need to collect food and other helpful objects that are strewn around the route.

How to play

Arrow keys to move, space to jump and dash

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