Rocket Bot Royale

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About Rocket Bot Royale


Rocket Bot Royale is a furious shooting game. Your duty is to control a powerful robot tank to climb, release a rocket, and shoot out other players.

You must eliminate everyone else in order to outlast the opposition in this game. To win, you must gather items to bolster your weaponry, dig tunnels into the ground to shelter yourself and find hidden wealth, and stay away from the rising water levels to not be submerged. This game is set on a massive sinking island, let's launch deadly rockets from your robot tank to destroy the competition. Kill them quickly before they get a shot off at you. If you defeat them, they will drop any loot they have collected so target them when you are low on powerups or coins! Compete on the global leaderboards to earn prestigious awards.

Gold coins or gems that you get will help you in upgrading weapons. Your first friend will only be equipped with four types of weapons, but the more you increase the level, the more diverse and powerful weapons you get. If you have a lot of gold coins and gems, you can also change them to skins for the tank. What do you think of the tank with more beautiful colours and more powerful features? There are also three types of game modes for you to choose from. Play Solo mode, you will be alone against others. In Red and Blue mode, you will fight with another person. Finally, there is the Form A Squad mode, which allows you to join your friends in the game.

Features of Rocket Bot Royale:

  • Different game modes with various missions.
  • There are shops to help equip and upgrade tanks.
  • There are many modes: Play Solo; Red And Blue; Form A Squad.
  • Easy to control, suitable for many people.

How to play:

  • A to the left
  • D to the right
  • The mouse to aim
  • Left mouse button to fire.