Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is a mobile app based on the NFL's retro football league. The game has simple roster management and is presented in a glorious retro style.

The Retro Bowl game's main rule is also a typical American football rule. The goal is to outscore your opponent in the time allotted by the tournament.

To score, a player must move the ball down the opponent's court and touch it at the opposite end of the court. To touch the ball, throw it to a teammate or hug it and run with it.

Each team will have four chances to advance the ball 10 meters. When you pass 10m down the road, you must put the ball down and restart in 10m. If you do not pass the 10m distance after four phases to the side, the ball will be passed to your team.

Each team's 11 players will be divided into three roles:

Attacking group: are tasked with winning the ball and passing it to teammates.

Defensive group: responsible for preventing other teams' players from running away with the ball.

Task group: kicking and throwing the ball on the field; this role is typically reserved for members with large bodies and extremely fast running speeds.

How to play:

  • Left click then drag and aim a throw.
  • A, W, S, D to dodge and dive.
  • Click on the blue circle under the player to move up and down.
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