Red Impostor Vs Crewmate


Red Impostor Vs Crewmate is a thrilling action game with many levels. Attempt to assassinate all crewmates on the spaceship to earn as much money as possible.

If you are a big fan of Among Us Io, don't miss this game. In this game, you also transform into an impostor. You will pretend to be a crewmate. Then, go around the spaceship to murder the other real crewmates on the spaceship. Be sneaky and careful! If you get caught or a crewmate sees the dead body on the spaceship, the level is failed. You can pass through the ventilation tunnel to move to another room faster. Do your best to kill all crewmates to earn as much money as possible. You can use the money you earn to purchase more powerful weapons or accessories in the shop. Come on! Play the game now and share it with your friends. If you enjoy this game, check out Geometry Dash or Among U: Red Imposter on our website.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the imposter.

Press the Spacebar to attack

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