Red And Blue Stickman Huggy


Participate in wonderful adventures with two monsters in Red And Blue Stickman Huggy. Collect all gems along the way and run to the exit door.

Play this game to join an exciting adventure with two monsters, namely blue and red stickman. You must help them to run as fast as possible to reach the exit door. If you want to unlock the exit door, you have to complete two missions. The first one is to collect the key. The second one is to help both monsters reach the door. Besides, don't forget to gather all gems on the path.

There are many levels in this game. The higher the level, the more treacherous the path is. Do your best to complete all levels and gain the highest possible score. If you are keen on this game, why don't you check out Wuggy Adventures, Stickman Swing, and Geometry Dash for more adventures?

How to control


Press ARROW KEYS to move and jump.


Press WASD keys to move and jump.

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