Reach The Core


Be ready to travel to the core of the planet in Reach The Core. Guide your spaceship to dig into the core of the planet and collect as much plasma as possible.

Your spaceship has run out of plasma. You find that the nearby planet has much plasma. They are located in the core of this planet. Don't hesitate! Start the adventure to search for the plasma now. Take control of your spaceship to dig into the center of the planet to collect plasma. Note that your spaceship has limited energy. Try to gather as much plasma as possible before you run out of energy. Besides, you also need to collect as many gems as possible and use them to upgrade your spaceship. Be careful with the rocks underground since they will damage your spaceship.

Come on! Play the game now to participate in an interesting adventure into the center of the planet. If you like this game, take a look at Geometry Dash, Diggy, and Crafty Miner on our website.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to control the spaceship.

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