Punch Bob


Join different wrestling battles and become the strongest wrestler in Punch Bob. Control the character to knock out all your opponents in the shortest time.

In this game, you will play as Bob who is a legendary fighter. Your mission is to aim accurately and make Bob to jump into the enemies to knock out them. Besides, you can jump into the bombs to make them explode. the flame from the bomb will hurt the opponents. Try not to fall out of the arena if you don't want to lose soon. Do your best to become the winner and claim a lot of coins. These coins can be used to unlock new outfits and spice up your game.

Enter this game now and prove that you are the fighter king. Like Geometry Dash, this game also has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty awaiting you to complete. Beat all of them and have fun.

How to play

Hold the left mouse to aim

Release the left mouse to shoot

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