Popcorn Race 3D

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About Popcorn Race 3D


Popcorn Race 3D is a fantastic racing game where you have to collect kernels to get diamonds. Your amazing control skill can help you gain victory.

Racing games are your favorite game, but you are bored with racing cars and want to try new one. When you play Popcorn Race 3D, you will transform into a cute cob. Your task is to collect kernels and run to the destination. On your way, try to avoid the fire and obstacles because it can turn corn into popcorn. If you get many kernels, you will earn many diamonds. You can use diamonds to buy skins or sign in to get some skins. Remember to collect the keys to open chests and receive some cool skins.

Let's try Popcorn Race 3D, turn into cob characters. You will have an interesting time and you will feel comfortable after a tired day.

Features of Popcorn Race 3D

  • 3D graphics
  • Easy to play and control
  • Suitable for everybody, even kids

How to control

  • Slide to move and avoid.