Police Car Cop Real Simulator

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About Police Car Cop Real Simulator


Become the greatest policeman in the city in Police Car Cop Real Simulator. Accept different missions and drive your car to complete all of them.

This game offers you a chance to transform into a policeman whose mission is to protect the security of the city. You can drive your police car to go around the city and receive different missions. They are to reach the maximum speed within a given time or chase and arrest the criminal driver. Whatever, you must do your best to complete them. Use your gun to eliminate your enemies.

It's time to show off your shooting and driving skills. Play the game now. If you love it, why don't you take a look at Police Real Chase Car Simulator, Geometry Dash, and Car Smasher!?

How to control

Press a W key to accelerate.

Press an S key to move backward.

Press a A key to steer left.

Press a D key to steer right.

Press a C key to change the camera view.

Press a R key to reset the car position.

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press L+Shift keys to sprint or activate the Nitro.

Press an M key to open the map.

Press an F key to enter or exit the car.

Press an I key to open the instructions.

Press an E key to open the i