Pirate Jack

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About Pirate Jack


Cute Pirate Jack's ship has been attacked by pirates, and all he needs to do is get the treasure chest set! You have to be careful if you want to survive on the ship.

Pirates are volatile characters, and even within a crew that sails on the same ship, there is confusion and hesitation. Captain Jack tried to keep his men in check, but everything fell apart at one point, rebels appeared, and the captain was overthrown. The poor man had to flee quickly to avoid being hung in the yard in Pirate Jack. But he doesn't want to leave without his treasure chest, which he has spent far too much money on. There is only one more push left, and you must assist the hero in capturing his property. He will face numerous challenges. Former subordinates can be jumped or dodged, and the shooting cannon in Pirate Jack is more serious.

How To Play:

Move to WASD.