Pinata Zombie Hunter

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About Pinata Zombie Hunter


Welcome to Pinata Zombie Hunter which is an interesting shooting game. Try to shoot down zombies and collect candies falling from their pockets.

Halloween is coming. Let's go into the streets and shoot the zombies to get candies. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down the zombies. The candies will fall out of their pockets after you shoot. Try to collect as many candies as possible. Keep in mind that the number of bullets is limited. Try to kill the zombies before you run out of bullets. This game offers various weapons such as knives, pistols, laser guns, grenades, machine guns, electric plasma guns, and molecular explosives. You can use the candies you earn to purchase them. Play this game now and have fun on Halloween. If you enjoy this game, explore more Halloween-themed games such as TrollFace Quest: Horror 1.

The game was developed by CD GAMES. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices, which is identical to Geometry Dash.

How to control: Click the left mouse to shoot

Some tips and tricks for Pinata Zombie Hunter

If you are a beginner, this game may be a little bit hard for you. Therefore, you need some effective strategies to beat all levels in this game.

  • Tap to shoot as soon as you go to the middle of the screen
  • Don't shoot constantly
  • Accumulate as many candies as possible to buy the most powerful weapon