Pancake Tower 3D

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About Pancake Tower 3D


Pancake Tower 3D is an arcade game based on the running game. You have to reach the finish line while collecting food and avoiding colliding with obstacles.

Are you looking for an interesting game to relax and reduce stress? This game is ideal for you to entertain in your free time.

In this game, you have to control a plate to move to the destination while collecting food to serve your customers. Remember to avoid obstacles if you don't want to lose all the collected food. There are various types of food, such as pancakes, bananas, grapes, and strawberries. Gather all these foods and complete your goal.

Pancake Tower 3D includes various levels for you to experience and enjoy. Moreover, the mechanics are so simple with only one-button gameplay. Have a nice day!

Features of Pancake Tower 3D

  • Exciting running arcade game
  • Various levels and obstacles
  • Vivid graphics and great music

How to control

  • Click and slide the mouse to move.