Pac Xon

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About Pac Xon


Pac Xon is an exciting arcade game in which you have to capture the monsters by building the wall around them and filling all space. It's an addictive game!

Pac Xon's goal is to build walls to fill the space. You must achieve this goal while avoiding attacks from ghosts. If they drift into an unfinished wall, you will lose your life.

First, move the PacXon into an empty area and get the power-ups when they appear. They will either help you move faster or slower or freeze the monsters. Get power-ups! Once the Pacman Xon has filled more than 80% of the area, you can go to the next, more challenging level. The number of lives remaining appears in the upper left of the screen. You can also see the progress of the game in the upper right.

Features of Pac Xon

  • Classic game
  • Simple gameplay
  • Single player

How To Play:

  • Use Mouse/ Arrow Keys/ WASD to play