Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God 1


Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God 1 is the first installment of the Noob adventure game series. Help Noob and Diamond Armor Pro reclaim their diamond apples.

In this platform game, Noob and Pro are on a quest to find some valuable diamond apples. Their journey is difficult (at least for Pro, who appears to be doing the majority of the work...), but just when the end is in sight, disaster strikes! The Hacker appears and steals the entire loot!

This will not be tolerated! Pro and a distraught Noob travel to God's cloud castle to seek assistance. But before God provides Noob with the resources he needs to track down the Hacker, our two heroes must first do the big boss in the sky a favor by defeating his nemesis, Evil God...

Game mode:

The 2 Players mode is a war mode in which the two players each have a base from which they spawn blocky soldiers to battle the other side, and if you defeat them and destroy their floor, you win.

Play with Noob and Pro alternately. Kill zombies, hack your way through trees and rocks, drive cars through the Minecraft world, and try to beat Hacker to reclaim your diamond apples!

How to play

Use the Arrow keys or WASD to control the game.

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