Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

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About Noob vs Pro Castle Defence


Noob vs Pro Castle Defence is a castle strategy defense game in which you must repel an undead army that is attempting to take over your kingdom!

Noob was elected head of a state in an unknown way. Now he is carrying a significant burden that he is most likely unaware of. Because Nuba is hardly a wise ruler, you are now solely responsible for the castle's defense.

Hordes of hungry monsters will pour out of the dark caves as soon as the last rays of the evening sun fade behind the horizon, sweeping away everything in their path! Be cautious and keep a safe distance from enemies, because dying means the game is over. Build strong stone walls to slow the enemy's advance and give you time to construct additional fortifications. Get some glowing rubies to improve your horse, equipment, archer towers, and even traps. Build mines and forges to supplement your passive income and replenish the treasury with gold.

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How to play:

Move your Noob hero on horseback using A and D, and make sure to unlock chests to obtain cash and riches from them, which you will then use to learn new talents from their book of them, as well as build new towers from another book, utilizing them as inventory.