Neon Pong Multiplayer

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About Neon Pong Multiplayer


Neon Pong Multiplayer is a twitch arcade game based on Pong, one of the first arcade games ever made. With your paddle, catch the ball and bounce it back at your opponent.

Neon Pong Multiplayer is the classic game, now with a cool neon theme. There are two modes to try out: Classic and Boosted. Hit the ball back and forth in an attempt to outwit and outplay your opponent. Take a friend and compete in two-player mode!

With your paddle, catch the ball. It will return to your opponent's side of the court. If you do not catch the ball, your opponent scores one point.

Use the mouse to control your paddle at the bottom of the screen to shoot the ball back up, where your opponent will do the same, and your goal is to get the ball to pass past them, and then you score a point, with the first player to 7 points winning.

How to play:

Use the A/D keys to move the paddle.