Mouth Shift 3D

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About Mouth Shift 3D


Mouth Shift 3D is a fun arcade game. Your mission is to control and change your character's mouth to collect food and finish the races. Let's start and enjoy!

Welcome to the world of entertainment. This game is excellent for all ages because of its enjoyment and simple gameplay. Let's get started and relax with this entertaining game.

You need to morph into an adorable figure with a flexible mouth to collect food on your path to complete levels. To adapt to different foods, your mouth can vary its size and shape. Your mouth will be long and thin if you slip up. If you slip down, your mouth will be short and wide on the other hand. To catch all of the food and dodge obstacles, slide on the screen to adjust the shape of your mouth.

Features of Mouth Shift 3D

  • Interesting and simple gameplay
  • Cool graphics and effects
  • Various levels with unique races

How to control

  • Slide on the screen to play

Release Date

  • Feb 14, 2022