Money Movers 3


Welcome to Money Movers 3 which is the third version of the Money Movers series. Guide a guard and a dog to capture all inmates and collect money bags.

In this third version, you will transform into a guard who protects the prison. This prison is full of dangerous prisoners who are trying to escape from there. Therefore, your task is to cooperate with your dog to capture all prisoners. Watch out! If you come close to the prisoner first, you will get hit. The best way is to control the dog to come close to him first. The dog will corner and scare him. It is an opportunity for you to catch him easily. Additionally, you can utilize security cameras, laser detectors, platforms, and many other puzzle pieces to stop the prisoners from escaping. Don't forget to collect enough 3 money bags in the prison.

This game has many challenging levels, which is similar to Geometry Dash. Specifically, there are 20 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. You can spend all day conquering all levels in this game.

How to control


  • Press the WASD keys to move and jump


  • Press the Arrow keys to move and jump
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