Mi Adventures


Mi Adventures is a strategy game. Learn how cell division works. Gather all objects by timing the cell split. Remember that the division is expandable.

Join the adventures and learn how cell division works. You start with a single cell. Your objective is to collect all of the dots on the map using well-timed division. Every move must be calculated! Simply divide your cell by clicking. The game is entertaining and has many levels. Each level will be more difficult than the one before it.

Assist Mi in finding a method to collect exactly enough colored bubbles to get points. Use your logic, reaction, tapping skills, and basic math knowledge to win more points and progress further in the game!


  • Cute physics puzzle game for kids of all ages.
  • Full game version
  • dozens of challenging levels
  • A one-of-a-kind brainteaser that requires little storage space on your smartphone.
  • You may now carry a fun arcade game in your pocket!

How to play:

  • Press Space or Mouse to Divide.
  • Mi can shift directions where descents will jump– Hold SHIFT or Z to change the angle.
  • Shortcuts: R– Restart.
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