Metal Black Wars


Get ready for breathtaking wars in Metal Black Wars. Use your gun to kill all your enemies that have surrounded your city and collect many gold coins.

You will be transported to the arena by helicopter. After reaching the battlefield, you need to grab your gun and shoot down as many opponents as possible. The more rivals you can defeat, the more coins you can get. Do your best to kill all enemies in the shortest time and earn as many coins as possible. Use the coins you earn to buy new boosters and weapons. You should upgrade your character and weapon to become more powerful. This game features three worlds. Each world has 8 different battles. you must complete them in order. Attempt to defeat the final boss at Level 8 and have fun!

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How to control


Press A-D keys to move

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press a J key to shoot.

Press a K key to throw bombs.

Press an L key to heal.

Press a R key to reload.

Press a W key to look up


Tap the button on the screen to move and attack

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