Maze Game 3D


Explore 15 mysterious mazes in Maze Game 3D. Go around the maze to find a key and then use it to unlock the exit door to escape from there safely.

Actually, the gameplay of this game is really similar to Scary Maze. In this game, you also need to go around the maze to find the key. After the key is found, you need to find the exit door of the maze and use the key to unlock it. However, this game doesn't have a time limit. Therefore, you can spend hours looking for the key. Try to find the right way to get it in the shortest time. Can you escape from the maze safely? There are 15 mysterious mazes awaiting you to explore. Click the Start button to start your journey now. After adventuring all the mazes in this game, you should enter Geometry Dash for more exciting adventures.

How to control


Press WASD keys to move


Tap the buttons on the screen to move

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