Mall Service

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About Mall Service


Mall Service is an attractive arcade game. Your task is to become an employee and complete all the work so that the mall is always in the most stable state.

You will become an employee of the mall, responsible for everything in the mall, from cleaning, garbage collection, lamp repair, and fire prevention. Every time you complete a task, you will receive reward dollars for your work. Accumulate this amount of money for your various purposes later. In this mall, there are many different shops. Use the money you have to unlock them and start serving. You will have more places to work and make more money from these new stores. You can also upgrade your character by increasing speed. Your character will go faster and take less time. Or you can also increase the price of your service. For example, the fee for picking up trash will be higher, or the price of repairing electricity will be higher than the actual rate. Come up with an intelligent strategy to get the most money.

This is an entertaining game to help you relieve stress. It has a simple gameplay and smooth operations. You will be immersed in the quests. You will become busier as more and more stores need your services. Work hard to become more wealthy. Good luck!

Features of Mall Service:

  • Single-player.
  • Players will probably have to do a lot of tasks.
  • There are many stores in the mall that need you to manage.
  • Stunning visuals, vivid sound.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control.