Laser Ray

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About Laser Ray


Laser Ray is an excellent puzzle game featuring 60 hard levels. Direct all the laser or mirrors to make the laser reach the diamonds in the shortest time.

In this game, you have to redirect the laser and mirrors to make the laser cross through the diamonds and stars on the playing field. If you can do that, the level is completed. Note that the time of each level is limited. If you can't make the laser reach the diamonds, you will lose. Therefore, be quick!

There are 60 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenging it is. Try your best to accomplish all levels in the shortest time. If you are fond of this game, why don't you try playing Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle, Water Connect Puzzle, and Geometry Dash which are awesome games on our website?

How to control

Click the left mouse button to play.