Jungle Run OZ


Jungle Run OZ will offer an exciting endless adventure. Control a green monster to run as fast as possible to catch the scientist and collect potions.

The man-made green monster loses control and starts attacking the scientist. You will play as this monster and help him chase the scientist. Try to run as far as possible to get the highest possible score. Watch out for the dangerous obstacles in the jungle. If you crash into them, the run is over. Jump, slide down, or move left or right to dodge them at all costs. Another way is to tap the Mutation button to become a giant and crush all obstacles along the way. Besides, the bag drops a lot of potions, gems and stars. These potions will help to increase your power. Therefore, you should try to collect as many potions, gems and stars as possible. Use them to purchase new monsters in the shop and upgrade them.

Play this game now to join an interesting adventure in the jungle with a monster. Like Tomb Runner, the track in this game is endless, so you can spend hours playing this game without boredom. After completing the adventure in this game, you should try Geometry Dash which is also a thrilling adventure game.

How to control

  • Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right
  • Press an Up Arrow Key to jump
  • Press a Down Arrow Key to slide down
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