Jump And Splat


Jump and Splat is a rhythm game, the blocks appear in a random order, and you must jump on them at the appropriate times to avoid falling off the stage.

With a very simple operation mechanism: you just need to control the ball to jump on the colorful box blocks and avoid dropping the ball on the white floor. The more blocks you hit, the more points you get. Walls like this game is very easy but when you really enter the game you will find it will be more difficult when your ball goes far.

If you are passionate about colorful games then Jump and Splat are for you. This is a fun challenge for everyone. You will not be able to know which direction the ball will jump next. Good luck and go far in this challenge.


  • Simple, beautiful graphics.
  • An infinite game, ideal for high scores and competitions.
  • Design that is fully responsive.
  • Full-screen mode is available.


Tap to slam the ball down.

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