Jetpack Race Run


Jetpack Race Run is a fun arcade game where you have to dodge obstacles like 3D stickman characters and various types of blocks. Try to get first place!

The controls are simple to learn, but you must be quick and avoid obstacles along the way. There are three levels of difficulty that increase as you progress.

Players compete against the clock and against other players from around the world. Jetpack Race Run is an excellent way to practice reaction time. To avoid obstacles and complete all levels, players must slide and spin. It is simple to learn and invites you to unwind. The final level is difficult, but there is plenty of content for kids to enjoy. The game has a large player base as well as a variety of levels and difficulty levels.

The Jetpack Race Run game is an excellent way to practice your reaction time and speed. It's an arcade game in which players must avoid obstacles in order to reach the goal platform. You must avoid obstacles and reach the platform before the timer expires. It is critical to stay focused and take your time while playing this game. Remember to enjoy yourself! The Jetpack Race Run game is a fun way to kill time! Monkey games are a lot of fun!

How to play

Hold and slide to rotate.

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