Jetpack Joyride

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About Jetpack Joyride


Join Jetpack Joyride which is an endless running game created by Halfbrick Studios. Go with Barry to explore the secret laboratory and steal a lot of gold.

In this game, you will play as Barry who is a treasure hunter armed with a jetpack. Your target is the secret laboratory where a lot of gold is hidden. Drive your jetpack to fly as far as possible and gather as much gold as you can. Be careful! The laboratory is set up with various dangerous traps such as zappers, missiles, and laser beams. You must fly up or down to evade them at all costs.

Play the game now to take part in an exciting adventure with the treasure hunter. If you are keen on this game, what about checking out Stickjet Challenge, Jetpack Race Run, Horik Viking, and Geometry Dash on our website?

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to fly up.

Release the left mouse button to fly down.