Imposter Archer War


Welcome to Imposter Archer War where you have to fight against other imposters. Attempt to aim accurately and shoot down different infiltrators.

Like Among U: Red Imposter, the main character in this game is also an imposter. The imposter is armed with a bow and arrow. Its mission is to battle different infiltrators. Aim accurately and shoot down your opponents in the shortest time. If your opponent gets hit, you will claim one coin. Keep shooting until the blood bar of your rival is empty. You will earn a lot of coins after getting a victory.

How to control: Click the left mouse to shoot.

The levels and skins in Impostor Archer War

This game offers many levels with varying degrees of difficulty, which is similar to Geometry Dash. Specifically, there are 30 challenging levels that you have to accomplish. Do your best to complete all of them and earn as many coins as possible. Use the coins you earn to exchange new cool skins for your imposter in the shop.

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