Idle Fashion Shop


Play Idle Fashion Shop to grow your own fashion shop. Fill all shelves with clothes, collect money and use them to explain your fashion shop.

It's time to open your dream boutique. Start with filling all shelves with clothes and collecting money. When you have a lot of money, you can use them to unlock new shelves. Keep in mind that the more shelves your shop has, the more customers you need to welcome. Prioritize VIP customers who will give you money bags. When your customers are too crowded, you can hire more staff such as cashiers and assistants. They will help you deal with all tasks in the shop quickly. At this time, all you have to do is to collect as much money as possible and try to expand your fashion shop as large as possible.

Play the game now and build your own fashion empire. If you love this game, check out another game with the same style which is Money Land. In addition, our website presents Geometry Dash which is an exciting adventure game attracting hundreds of players.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the character.

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