Ice Queen


Join the plan of saving the queen with a hero in Ice Queen. Control the hero to collect as many ice creams as possible and reach the igloo as soon as possible.

This game has the same style as Sausage Dog. In this game, you will p[lay as a hero whose mission is to rescue the queen. The queen is imprisoned in the igloo. Therefore, you must find a way to reach the igloo as fast as possible. Along the way, you need to assist different people to get useful items. These items can help you open the doors or overcome obstacles. Besides, you also need to collect as many ice creams as possible and use them to buy new characters in the shop.

Play this game and try to complete 15 journeys in the game. After completing the adventures in this game, you can join The Impossible Dash, Adam And Eve Night, and Geometry Dash for more wonderful adventures.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to control the character.

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