I Like Pizza

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About I Like Pizza


Grow your own pizza restaurant in I Like Pizza. Try to make mouth-watering pizzas and deliver them to your customers to earn as much money as possible.

In this game, you will have to develop your own pizza restaurant. To do that, you must control the dish to collect rolls of dough, put some sauces and toppings and bake them. Be careful with the obstacles on the track. If you crash into them, you will lose some pizzas. Try to avoid them at all costs and make as many pizzas as possible. After all pizzas are ready for service, you can deliver them to customers to earn as much money as possible. You can use the money you earn to unlock new tables in your restaurant and even new restaurants. Try to develop your own pizza empire and become a billionaire.

Come on! Play this game now and share it with your friends. Like Geometry Dash, this game also has many levels with different degrees of difficulty. Do your best to complete all levels.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the hand