Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night


Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a shark fighting game that puts you in a deadly war under the sea. Eat other fish and become the biggest fish.

Hunt prey to grow in size and compete against other players to be the game's last survivor. Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night adds several new skins for the three shark kinds (Brawler, Hunter, and Racer), as well as a darker ambiance.

At the start of this Halloween game, 20 participants are tossed into the water. You have 30 seconds to consume as many fish as possible in order to grow bigger. Players will thereafter be able to assault each other. Avoid the mines and charge at the other players to sever them. Eat the opponents you've defeated quickly before anyone else can swoop in and grab the slices. You can only attack sharks that are smaller than you, so avoid the larger ones. Use the coins you collect to unlock more monstrous and mutant sharks.

How to play:

Use the mouse.

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