Hungry Shark Arena

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About Hungry Shark Arena


Hungry Shark Arena is an addictive survival game. Your mission is to help your shark become bigger and stronger and kill other sharks in the ocean.

In the vast ocean, you will be hegemony if you eat all the other giant fish. Remember that you can only kill fish that are smaller or has the same size as you. Firstly, you need to eat small fish to increase your size. The bigger your shark, the more chances you have to destroy other sharks. When you are big enough, dash through another shark to destroy them. You can also dash toward the surface to jump out to eat humans or other marine animals. In addition, you also need to avoid the pursuit of larger fish in order to not become their prey. Surf quickly through the coral reefs to hide. Be the giant shark- the owner of the deep blue ocean. You can also get bonuses by killing them. That money can help you to buy other types of fish. They have an eye-catching appearance, and their fighting power is also different. They differ in speed, dash range, and dash rate. Earn as much money as you can so you can freely choose the fish you want.

Features of Hungry Shark Arena:

  • Perfect graphics, and relaxing sound.
  • The shop sells brawler fishes, hunter fishes, and charger fishes.
  • There is a leaderboard to show your achievement.
  • Can play in full-screen mode.
  • Multiplayer.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to move.