Let's immerse in the math world in Hexologic. You have to click on the hexagon tiles to change the numbers on them to create the designated total.

This game is played by clicking on the hexagon tiles on the playing field to change their numbers. Note that their numbers can be changed only from 1 to 3. Think strategically and make sure that the total of the numbers on tiles is equal to the designated total. If you can do that, the level is completed.

How to play: Click the left mouse button to play.

The levels in Hexologic

There are many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty in this game. Do your best to complete all levels to get a chance to compete with the final boss who is an intelligent mathematician. Attempt to solve his puzzle and have fun. If you like this game, check out 2 4 8 Link Identical Number, Geometry Dash, and Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game.

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