Helix Jump 2

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About Helix Jump 2


Helix Jump 2 is like a fun adventure of a bouncing ball. In the game, there will be many levels from easy to difficult. The difficulty level will increase gradually through the levels and you need to be dexterous when playing.

This is a fun hopping game in which you must assist a ball in falling to the bottom of a spiral maze. Helix Jump 2 uses the traditional ball as its theme, encouraging players to advance up the spiral ladder.

Helix Jump 2's appeal is clear, despite its simplicity. I'm sure you've had to pound the keyboard repeatedly when all you needed to do was take one more step and you'd pass the screen, but you'd be lost in a hazy way.

Control the spiral labyrinth's rotation to aid the ball's descent to the bottom, thus rotating it to locate openings for the ball to fall through and eventually reach the labyrinth's bottom.

Drop the ball between the blocks that are connected by a lengthy pipe. In the maze, avoid darker blocks on the maze's edges. If the ball contacts the game, the game ends and you must restart. Challenge your pals and prepare to compete on points. There are numerous levels to test your skills on.

How To Play:

Press the left or right arrow to rotate the tower.