Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween is a unique and addictive-themed game with hundreds of levels. Your task only needs to connect the same mascots until the move runs out.

Each level has a different goal, and they become more difficult as the game progress. On some levels, your only goal is to fill up the progress bar at the top of the screen, whereas on others, you may need to clear a certain number of items in order to progress. At the bottom of the screen, there are four different power-ups. You have everything you need, from a skeletal hand that gives you more moves to a witch's broom that clears an item. Not all of them are available right away, but you can get them by completing levels.

Swap places and eats items of the same type to unlock new levels. Remove the coffins, and the bats and ghosts will fall to the bottom row. Complete all requirements in a specific number of moves before the timer expires. Let's see how many levels you can complete.


  • 2D graphics that are colorful
  • Playing is both entertaining and addictive.
  • There are hundreds of levels to complete.
  • Controls that are intuitive
  • 4 distinct abilities to employ

How to play:

Use the mouse to connect.

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