Getting Over It

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About Getting Over It


Getting Over It has funny and humorous gameplay, so let's try playing the game now. You need to overcome all the dangerous terrains and complete the mission.

You will transform into a cute cat trapped in the lower half of the body in a pot. You only have a sledgehammer. Your mission is to control this one to climb over rugged terrain with that sledgehammer during its journey. Besides, the gameplay of this game also brings outstanding inhibition when you do not seem to have any support. In the game, you only have a hammer to help you overcome countless types of terrain. So you need to hook this hammer to any surface on the way, such as crossbars and sprawling boxes, to get as far as possible. It is really not as simple as it looks. So let's be careful to come over all terrains.

There are many different types of terrain. You will gradually discover them after you have overcome the previous terrain. Join the game to explore them. How much terrain will you conquer? Will you go far or give up halfway?

Some tips to win Getting Over It

  • Manage your time. You must remember that moving too quickly could cause you to return to your starting point.
  • Carefully control your hammer to go over difficult sections, then take advantage of the terrain to overcome and complete the game.
  • The playing time is not limited, so you should keep your cool brain and play many times to accumulate experience.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to control it.